Understanding the Concept of New Teeth in a Day: How Does It Work?

new teeth in a day

Losing teeth is a common occurrence in old age, often leaving patients worried about teeth replacement procedures. Treatment costs aside, just the time involved in most teeth replacement procedures is enough to make patients anxious. However, that’s no longer the case – It’s 2024, and we now have a better, quicker, and safer way of replacing teeth with new teeth in just one day. 

While it probably sounds too good to be true, this innovative procedure has proved to be a godsend for people with multiple missing teeth, giving them an ‘instant’ replacement for all of their lost teeth. 

This blog will give you more insights into this revolutionary procedure, including the process involved in it, its benefits, and more!

What Is New Teeth In A Day?

As the name very clearly suggests, New Teeth In A Day is a dental restorative procedure where patients can get new teeth in a single day! 

It’s a modern approach to restorative dentistry (that is, it emphasises the comfort and convenience of the patient), and it has started to be the treatment of choice for people who wish to get quick and safe teeth replacement. With that being said, more and more people are now resorting to new teeth in a day procedure rather than getting alternative treatments for missing teeth (such as traditional dentures). These alternatives, albeit popular, come with their fair share of drawbacks. Patients can wisely escape these drawbacks by opting for the teeth-in-a-day procedure, which is not only quicker but also safe and effective.

Who Should Get New Teeth In A Day?

Teeth in a day procedure is specially designed for people with multiple missing teeth or severe teeth damage and who want ‘immediate’ restoration of their teeth (both in terms of function and aesthetics). And by immediate, we mean in a single day, so you get the entire procedure (including surgical placement of the dental implants and new teeth) done in a matter of 24 hours. For this reason, the procedure is also commonly referred to as same-day dental implants.

However, not everyone who has multiple missing teeth and wants to get a quick teeth replacement is eligible for this procedure. To make things clear, here’s a list of some of the prerequisites for getting teeth in a day procedure. The patient must have:

  • Loss of most or all teeth (in the upper or lower jaw, or in both).
  • Sufficient jawbone density 
  • No severe dental condition (such as severe gum disease, also known as periodontitis)
  • No severe medical condition (such as uncontrolled diabetes or immune disorders)

People who have previously used traditional (temporary) dentures and have had unsatisfactory experiences with them are also recommended to get teeth in a day procedure – it gives them a permanent set of teeth without wasting any time!

How Does New Teeth In A Day Work?

This is perhaps the most important question to ask if you’re considering getting teeth in a day. Many people assume this procedure to be impractical or ‘too good to be true’ – however, when they educate themselves about its process, they come to realize that the procedure is not only effective but safe as well. Following are the stages involved in this procedure, all of which require as less as 24 hours to get done, giving you the gift of a beautiful smile in a single day:


This stage comes before the actual treatment. In this stage, your dentist will do a detailed evaluation of your dental profile to determine whether you’re the right candidate for teeth in a day. This will include taking x-rays, CT scans, and professional photographs of your mouth, teeth, and jawbones, ultimately helping the dentist curate a 3D model of your dental profile. 

Your dentist will use this model to plan the placement of dental implants in your mouth, the number of which could vary anywhere from 4 (all-on-4 implants) to 6 (all-on-6 implants) depending on individual patient needs and dental anatomy. If the dentist determines that you have less than sufficient jawbone density, they may perform a bone grafting procedure on you so you may have a sturdy base for your new teeth.

Implant Surgery + Temporary Prosthesis Placement 

After the planning and preparations come the implant placement surgery. This is performed under anesthesia to make the procedure pain-free for the patient and involves the surgical placement of dental implants in the patient’s jawbone as planned. Once the implants are placed, a temporary set of teeth (which looks and functions just like your natural teeth) is ‘immediately’ fixed to the implants, allowing the patient to eat, drink, and speak within a few hours of the surgery. 

Permanent Prosthesis Placement 

It will take 6-8 weeks (on average) for your implants to heal and fully fuse with your jawbone, which happens via a biological process known as osseointegration. Once this is achieved, your dentist will take impressions of your mouth and create a mold of it to guide the manufacturing of a permanent restoration for you. The manufacturing of the permanent prosthesis will take a few days, and once it’s ready, it will be immediately placed in your mouth with the needed adjustments to ensure a perfect fit. 

This is how you get new, beautiful, permanent teeth in a short amount of time – teeth that will outlast traditional dentures or any other alternative teeth restorative treatment that people usually get to replace their missing teeth.

New Teeth In A Day Vs Traditional Dentures: What Are The Advantages?

Traditional dentures are a common means of replacing teeth, but just because something is common doesn’t mean it’s the best way to do something. Traditional dentures are temporary and require a considerable amount of time and financial investment to be placed, to mention just a few drawbacks. New teeth in a day, on the other hand:

  • Is a time-efficient procedure that delivers new fully functional and aesthetic teeth in a single day.
  • Is cost-efficient, saving you from spending unnecessary money on repeated dental consultations and lab fees.
  • Offers you instant comfort and convenience by giving you a fully functional set of teeth within a few hours of surgery so you can resume your daily eating and drinking without any delay.
  • Is a permanent and long-lasting teeth restoration treatment, requiring little to no adjustments or replacements.


New teeth in a day is a modern and revolutionary approach to teeth restoration that provides an ‘instant’ solution to missing teeth, delivering new teeth in as little as 24 hours (one day). This treatment has significantly improved the quality of life of patients by giving them permanent replacements for missing teeth in a safe, effective, time- and cost-efficient manner. Looking to transform your life the same way? Get a FREE consultation with NC Implant Clinic, a premium dental practice located in North Carolina. Our expert surgeons will give you every detail that you want regarding this revolutionary treatment, paving your way towards a beautiful, healthy smile. Call us now to learn more!

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